Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Our Oceania Tourist Tips

I decided to write an a few tourist tips that I picked up from my last holiday through Australia and the Pacific.

In my mind Cairns is the all round best place to learn how to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef taking value, quality and safety into consideration. Don’t think that you can wait until the last minute to sort out your Great Barrier Reef Cruise , in the tourist season they all get booked out

Australia’s beautiful beaches can hold nasty dangers in the form of strong currents called rips. Avoid them by always staying between the red and yellow flags – they mark the best place to swim on the beach. Clubbies wearing red and yellow hats generally patrol beaches during the summer, but some of the most well frequented beaches are patrolled all-year round. Never swim alone, at night, under the influence of alcohol or directly after a meal. Always check water depth before diving in and never run and dive into the waves from the beach.

Kava, the local drink in Fiji, can affect you more than you would think (numbing of your mouth is one thing). Only imbibe if you feel comfortable and are in safe surroundings. One or two sips won’t do much, however, so don’t be worried about trying it if you trust the supplier.Another point: 20 years ago women NEVER were involved in the kava ritual. In tourist areas this has changed, but in the outer islands of Fiji and many other island nations, it remains taboo.

Fiji Warning. I have been in contact with some relatives who have just returned from a Pacific trip.Try to use your bankcards as little as possible as both of them had $5000 stolen out of their accounts during the Fiji portion.Just as well they had insurance so will be covered.

New Zealand was a disturbing place to drive, and as a 26 year old male, not much scares me…but when there are constant single lane roads and the locals are trying to pass with 25 m line of sight… There were scenes of devastation noticed frequently on the sides of the roads, and some trucks that had plunged off the sides of the mountains.

Definately don’t take food into New Zealand. Check your backpack before you depart for NZ to make sure you have not had an orange that you bought 3 days ago in your handbag and have forgotten about it, for when it is found you WILL get fined NZ$200 on the spot and not even be able to eat the offending article! This means any fruit, seeds or food.

I hope these help anyone going on a Pacific Holiday.

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